I navigate the “ocean of technology” to provide best solution for my clients.

At home office, by appointment.
Available for business calls. Contact me to schedule time with your needs.

$100/h | for service calls $180/h

MAC sales, repair | hardware, software, networking and beyond.
From personal computer to a company network.

Network+ | Linux+ | CEH

free diagnostic / consult • fast turnaround • no nonsense

Free diagnostic

free basic diagnostic and consultation

Lightning Fast

basic issues 24h or less

Personal approach

one man army – personal approach

  • macOS upgrade – $150
  • virus / malware removal – $150
  • data migration – $175
  • data recovery
  • network architecture and security
  • web design
  • business IT outsourcing plans

Even Apple computers are not invincible.
Here are useful links for help.

Official Apple Support:

Apple simple trouble shooting guide:

Calibrate new battery. Old battery life is short?

reset SMC + PRAM for various issues:

Backup backup backup

Anything will fail in time, always backup your data.
You can always replace the device, data is priceless.

Simplest is Time Machine backup to USB drive.

Online cloud backups are slow, incomplete and pain to restore. Simple local time-machine backup will save your sanity one day…

For complex business and multi-computer setup, local LAN backup solutions to NAS storage is the way to go.

1TB USB drive with 5min setup