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Santa Fe MAC repair
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 by Alan on Santa Fe MAC repair

I again, in an attempt to clean my keyboard, decided to do so by poring a tumbler of water on the machine. It didn't work any better than it did ten years ago when I tried the same procedure with a large cup of coffee.

So I took the machine in for evaluation and was of course told that I had damaged something or another and the machine was now a mere boat anchor, and, not a very good one at that.

This was my second visit to Petr . He is the most honest repair shop that I have ever dealt with. The first time I needed a new battery which he installed as I waited. He then took the time to answer a bunch of setting questions and set the machine up so I could use it with my ancient eyesight.

This time the machine was obviously ruined, and it needed to be replaced. I explained that I don't use the computer much anymore, limiting it to typing (typing - from typewriter - and ancient device used to create letters - letters something that was used before email) to few letters now and then. Well, I said, I'll just get a new one. Petr did some magic with my computer and then told me the problem with this strategy was that I had a bigger hard drive, which means that I if I bought a new computer I would also have to spend more to get one with the larger hard drive if I wanted to transfer my data. So what to do? He told me for $600 bucks he would get a used computer, same as my now not working computer with the freshly laundered keyboard, and would install the old hard drive and it would be a good as new.

So, that's what I did, and he was absolutely correct. This new (to me) works just as if it was brand new..

I am impressed, because Petr is an Apple Dealer and I was prepared to buy a new computer from him to the tune of $1,200 or more. He could have sold me one, and I assume made more money, but didn't. He sold me exactly what I needed to solve my problem.

You can't go wrong bringing your Apple to Petr for repair.

 by Magnolia on Santa Fe MAC repair

I usually go to anyplace tech-repair with a sense of dread - I always get overcharged for janky fixes - but when I got to Petr's I felt like a friend being helped out.

Service was efficient and careful, Petr was astonishingly kind and ridiculously rational. It was the exact opposite experience I was expecting. Now my laptop is working perfectly because, not only did Petr fix the problem, but he also fixed problems caused by previously overcharged janky fixes.

I can't recommend him enough 🙂 Lowkey thought of baking him cookies afterwards

 by Dyanna on Santa Fe MAC repair
Clearing old data off old machines

Petr was efficient and professional. I was so happy to have the files off two very old machines that I could no longer access. He also offered to recycle the old equipment - very helpful.

 by jode brexa on Santa Fe MAC repair
Fast Computer Upgrade

I brought my old Mac and my new 2020 MacBook Air to Petr to transfer my data and upgrade my software. He said it would take a couple hours, and couple hours later he called me with the job finished. Petr also fixed the spacebar key on the older laptop--a job a retail computer store told me wasn't possible, that I'd have to replace the whole keyboard. Both laptops working like a charm. Great service!

 by Bill on Santa Fe MAC repair

Excellent work as always! Highly recommended.

 by John on Santa Fe MAC repair
Mac Repair

Petr took care of my Mac the day I called and it was repaired within three hours. His work was very professional and a welcome service to the Santa Fe market. I was happy to have discovered him and would recommend him highly for anyone seeking Mac repair/purchases.

 by Peter Murphy on Santa Fe MAC repair
Mac Repair and Purchases

Petr has taken care of my company's Mac Laptops and Desktops for the last 6 years. His work is superb, timely and fairly priced. Recently my MacBook Pro wouldn't start-up properly and he repaired it on a Sunday so I wouldn't miss a day of work. He's incredibly honest and an absolute gem to work with. If you use Apple products, I highly recommend his services.

 by Mike C on Santa Fe MAC repair
Quick, Thorough and Affordable

Macbook was infected with virus search engine after I unwittingly fell for a fake flash drive update. Petr fixed the problem promptly and affordably. He also cleaned up the Macbook pro and installed the new operating system. Highly recommend. Personable young man.

 by B Beames on Santa Fe MAC repair
Expert Service.

Petr quickly assessed the situation and updated my outdated laptop. It is brand new once again! Thank you for the expert and knowledgeable repair and for the quick service in the midst of a busy work schedule!

 by Marilyn Bradford on Santa Fe MAC repair
I"m so grateful!

Petr has been helping me with my Mac computers for over three years. Five stars! He is amazing! He has fixed an incredible number of issues, then he always goes above and beyond, cleaning up and updating everything that’s required to help my Mac run better. He’s personable, fast and very reasonable. Hi is a real find!

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